Diary of the Website

Diary of Making the Website: January 2022

This has been an article, a long time in the works. I haven’t felt like making an update to the diary, just as I have not been feeling confident with the website. I want to make the best site, for everybody who comes to the website. To be an enjoyable read for fans of the Walten Files, as well as making a complete timeline for the series.

But until now, I have just been trying to make the website, as good as I can. Experimenting with the different features, plugins, themes, and just making the website, to look like it was made by a pro. But I am learning, in front of people’s eyes, with every day that passes. Terms like traffic, analytics, script speed, are all new terms to me. But I am going to keep improving the website, so if the website changes, aesthetically a little, this is my little warning to you.

But what are my plans for the website? To keep building upon it. To make it load quicker than it does now. To make it a location on the internet for all fans of the Walten Files. But in the near future, it is to theorize and write on the future of the Walten Files. Hopefully an article everyday, other than maybe on a Sunday. All in anticipation of Walten Files 4. Also, keep that timeline up to date, as best I can.

If you have any recommendations and tips for the website, let me know in the comments section of this article. I’m not an expert website maker, I’m a security guard for a university campus. I just hope I can make a website people enjoy. Have a Nice Day!

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