Theories and Lore

Hello world!

Welcome to a website, dedicated to the creation of Martin Walls, the Walten Files. Here is a website that Martin can ask to edit, whenever he likes, but otherwise, it will be a location for the fans of the series, to highlight theories, reactions, and the best creativity from the internet.

I’m open to criticism, but I just want to add more enjoyment to the world, by helping Bunny Smiles Incorporated. This is a weird statement to make. To be honest, the Covid Pandemic has not been a great addition to my little world, so I just wanted to make the world, a little more enjoyable for others.

A lot of content will be coming to this website in the next few weeks, including original articles, archiving other creators content into a single location for the ease of, The Walten Files, fanbase with full credit and recognition of course, as well as hopefully introducing new viewers to, The Walten Files.

Please be patient, as I grow this website over the next few weeks. I’m not a pro website maker, so I am learning as I go. Any tips and tricks are very much welcomed.

I hope you enjoy this website!


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