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Martin Walls Left Patreon Today & Gives New Teaser

This is just a quick announcement to say that Martin Walls’s page on Patreon has been removed. This is more than 2 weeks after the April 26th date, but this might be due to logistics on Patreon. I have saved everything that was a part of the Patreon page, so it is not lost forever. It will be interesting to see if this development, leads to further news in the coming days.

The next day, we have a new teaser for the Walten Files. Posting it on his YouTube community page, is a single image, of a Cyberfun Tech animatronic, looking at a starry sky. The top of the image reading, “Cyberfun Tech, The Future is Now”

To see the original YouTube community post, click here.

I think this is a cool image, but I don’t think there is any lore to this image. But I am probably wrong.

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