Reaction to the 2nd Film Theory on the Walten Files

It took 4 long months to get a 2nd Film Theory episode on the Walten Files, but it was worth it. If you want to watch either episode, of Film Theory trying to solve the Walten Files, they are available by clicking here. But this article is more of a look at what I believe MatPat got right, and what he got wrong.

Pop Goes the Weasil

The intro was well done, if a bit long, but that final effect on Jack Walten’s picture, was very good. An effect I can imagine, even Martin Walls could be proud of. MatPat then recaps the first two parts of the Walten Files, that was completely covered in the first Film Theory episode. He then proceeds to quickly cover the two hidden videos, as well as Bunnyfarm, as quickly as he can. There is a lot to cover, so he breaks it down, into three major chunks.

The first chunk is about Susan Woodings, and her story with Bon, and being stuffed into Banny. Then MatPat brings up Chris and his reoccurring appearances in the Walten Files. Ironically, someone who was covered on the website, earlier this past week. Even linking him to the Shadow Man. Great minds thinking alike?

The 2nd chunk is about Boozoo, and Charles, and the introduction, to their part in the Walten Files, in Bunnyfarm. Whilst the last chunk is about Felix and that day in May 1974, and the fate of the red children. It is interesting that the sections with Sha, and Billy are not mentioned in the theory, likely because they have no major Lore revelations, compared to the three chunks MatPat talks about.

This leads MatPat to question the fate, of Jack Walten. Definitely one of the biggest questions, still in the Walten Files, although my feeling is, he is inside Bon, based on a pair of eyes appearing in the animatronic suit, before Bon attacks Brian Stells. Unless someone else’s body is in the Bon animatronic! That would be a twist.

MatPat goes on to link Jack Walten, to Bobbie the Hippo. Not what I expected, and to be honest, it doesn’t really lead anywhere. Other than suggesting Jack Walten is not in Bon, and that it might be the two red children. I think this is possible, leading Jack Walten to be the ShowBear, with that enormous smile, they both share. Either theory is still possible, and it feels like MatPat does not know which one is true, yet.

Charles or Chris

In the final part of the theory, he speaks about Charles, and the mysteries surrounding him. Watch the theory to understand what MatPat is saying because I’m not going to copy him. But my reaction is, that I think Charles is not the owner of Cyberfun Tech, because how does the company continue beyond 1974 in that case. Why would Felix, not just advertise everything as Bunny Smiles Incorporated. Right now, I think the owner of Cyberfun Tech, is Chris, and as we learn more about the Cyberfun Tech deal, we will learn more about Chris. Potentially as the main antagonist of the series.

Again, Charles being the rich guy who dies, does not make sense, from a storytellers perspective. Money is no good, once you are dead. Therefore Charles is not very important after he is dead. I don’t think this is the case, and I feel like Charles was like Susan Woodings, an employee of the restaurant, who was working at the restaurant, late at night, setting the place up for a Birthday party the next day, before Bon attacked him. That is what I see in Bunnyfarm, when Boozoo is moving around the restaurant, before the eventual games of Memorize and Spot the Difference.

But that’s just a theory, not a MatPat theory. Thanks for reading.

P.S. I agree with MatPat’s final summary of the Walten Files, and why it is scary.

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