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The Updated Walten Files 1, Company Introductory Tape, The Differences to the Original

Below are all the differences between the original Walten Files 1, Company Introductory Tape, and the updated version, in video order. To watch the updated Walten Files 1, Company Introductory Tape, click here.

Time StampsDescription
00:00 – 00:044 Seconds of Additional video, which includes a video of a rabbit in black and white, with static interrupting the video. No audio other than static.
06:06 – 06:51 The video footage of Brian Stells driving to the K9 storage facility has been changed, but the audio is the same.
07:12 – 07:32New footage of Brian Stells moving through the K9 storage facility. First, he sees a picture of Felix, before seeing a group photo of what appears to be the employees of Bon’s Burgers, Jack, Charles, Rosemary, Susan, Felix, Linda & Chris. Finally, a large picture of two children, who could be Edd and Molly.
10:24 – 10:45Jack Walten appears, smiling in a picture, whilst the audio playing in the background is called Clair De Lune by Debussy. He then fades away as the background turns from black to white.

It was a very good idea for Martin to update the original part of The Walten Files, teasing more of the lore that is to be addressed in later episodes.

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