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Top 10 Most Viewed Articles on this Website: February 2022

So it is that time of the month folks. Time to let Walten Files fans know, what they as a collective, are reading on this website, more than anything else, on this website. Really, this is just an article for people who like numbers, but maybe there is an article you missed, the majority are reading. But anyway, here is the Top 10 articles of the month.

No.Article Title% of Views
1The Complete Timeline So Far9.00
2Episodes of the Walten Files4.59
3Latest Update from Martin Walls3.94
4A Valentine’s Day Release for Walten Files 43.93
5Difficulties of Covering Patreon Content2.18
6New Teaser for Walten Files 41.98
7Is the Walten Files a Giant Scam1.96
8A New Easter Egg Discovered1.76
9New Additions to the Timeline, from findjackwalten.com1.57
10A Happy Place Removed from YouTube1.43

It will surprise nobody, that the content theorising about the past, present and future of the Walten Files, performed well. The top 2 articles remained the same, and I expect, will continue to do so, and the release of The Walten Files 4, will only increase their percentages. I was personally surprised that the article about the scrapped Walten Files video game, didn’t get as many views as I expected.

For those YouTuber fans, the most viewed Reactions page, was 8-Bit Ryan’s, with 0.41%.

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