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Two New Images from Martin Walls

The Walten Files creator has been using the community page of YouTube, quite a bit recently. In the last few weeks, he released two new images about the Walten Files, or relating to the Walten Files. If you want to see the comments to these images, then check them out by clicking here.

Image 1 – For Valentine’s Day – All Credit to Martin Walls

Description: happy valentines, here’s Jack and Rosemary love. -Martin

A sweet little image, of the fanbase’s favourite couple. Really they are the main romantic couple in the Walten Files, to be fair. A nice image of two characters, enjoying Valentine’s Day, I think. Also, we know Jack smokes now. He smokes, Felix drinks, what addictive personality will we find next. Is Rosemary addicted to the colour yellow?!

Image 2 – Brighton Founded 1835 – All Credit to Martin Walls

A more important image potentially was released more recently. It seems to show, Edd Walten, in his yellow shirt, pointing something out for Molly Walten, with her old school haircut. They seem to be standing outside a building, which is likely the Walten household. The image has clearly been created, with a lot of detail. This was likely not a quick image to make. It could be a poster in the future, it has that much detail.

But an interesting comment I found on YouTube, was from Ruby Champneys. They noted that Edd is pointing to a specific word, Beautiful. I thought it was an interesting observation. Are Edd and Molly, now beautiful? Maybe we will soon find out.

All credit to Martin Walls for both images. To all those waiting for Walten Files 4, remember this. We are closer today than we were yesterday. Good night.

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