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What is in the Box? Plus Halloween Merchandise

Recently, Martin Walls released a new video, advertising Halloween Merchandise, for the Walten Files. Some interesting pieces, and if you want to check out the apparel and posters available, go to . You won’t regret it. Also the teaser was pretty funny, and weirdly got a nostalgia vibe from hearing Boozoo, say something other than, “You spotted a difference. Great Job!” The teaser is available to watch at the bottom of this article

But did Martin Walls drop some Lore, in this little advertisement? Almost definetly.

Your Dog

A random line in the advertisement, was refencing a dog, as just a punchline. “Tell your friends, tell your co-workers, tell your family, your…dog.”

Something about the delivery of the line, and the viusal indications, tells me that this dog, is going to reappear in the Walten Files, likely as the dog of the Waltens. But why would a dog be significant in the Walten Files?

In Walten Files 3, Bunnyfarm, a red creature with four legs, can be found by Sophie, before Showbear gives a present.

At the time, it was just a bit random, but does Martin Walls just add things in randomly. And why add this glitchy red animal to this part of Walten Files 3, just before the traumatic back story of the red children? Does this creature look like a dog? It is difficult to say, but it is tough to say what it could be. But the addition of a dog, to the story, could make for an interesting development, as we don’t know what to expect from this plot thread. Heck, we are not sure if this is going to be a significant plot thread. But I have a feeling, Martin Walls knows what upsets people more than human suffering. Please don’t hurt the dog Martin Walls, just because you know it will make us emotional.

The Box

The arguably more significant tease for the future of the Walten Files, came towards the end of the advertisement, where the screen went black, before showing a red box, in front of a cabinet. There are a few different objects in the background, but the person holding the flashlight, is focused on the box.

A further zoom in, shows a much closer look, at the box.

If the lid and bottom of the box, had been roughly the same size, then I would have thought this to be a briefcase. In fact, it still could be, with the lock holding the lid shut. We can guess the box is in the K9 Storage facility, based on the chequered floor tiles, we have seen only in the K9 sttorage facility. So the question is, who is going to find this box, and what might be inside? I guess we will have to watch Walten Files 4 to find out. Based on the size of the box, it might not be big inside, but big in emotion. Maybe paperwork and document, maybe photos and personal items. We will probably find out soon!

Thank you for reading this article. To view the advertisement for yourself, it is the video below.

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