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Whose Legs are these in Walten Files 3?

Whilst rewatching TWF3 for a different article, I saw a pair of legs, wearing grey trousers and black shoes, stood amongst the cows. And I thought to myself, who is this character? It is easier to see the pair of legs, if you watch Bunnyfarm, from 15:10 to 15:15, as they are stationary, whilst the cows keep moving.

My thoughts are, that these legs are Jack Walten’s legs. Wearing his grey suit, towering above the game, whilst hiding in plain sight. Mainly because, there are no other real candidates for these legs. We see Brian Stells elsewhere in Bunnyfarm (to know more about Brian Stells in TWF3, click here.) Rosemary is not known for wearing grey trousers and can appear via Sha. There is not enough evidence to suggest Charles, Susan or Ashley either.

But if you believe Jack Walten, has possessed Bon, then it could be argued that, Jack does not have a vessel to possess. Sophie is controlling Bon, and maybe that is why Jack appears via his missing poster instead. And maybe as a sprite of himself, just out of view.

Or, it could be a completely new character, we have not yet met. But for them to appear in the game, that must mean they have been attacked by Bon, or be dead. But for now, it appears Jack Walten is in TWF3, a little more than we realised.

Another little detail is that Rocket Rabbit is also hiding near the cows at the top of the screen, seconds before the appearance of the legs. And later in the video, a certain pair of sprites appear, blending into the tree trunks.

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