The Walten Files 2 – Relocate Project

Video Published on 29th June 2020

This is the Second Official episode of, The Walten Files.

YouTube Video Description:

Tape 2:

“This is another Compilation of Tapes from Bunny Smiles Incorporated, I was able of Contacting people Via forums and Threads that have some Infomation of The Company. These tapes revolve around some ‘Relocation Project’ that was being executed during the late 1970s (1978), A B.S.I. Ex-employee mentioned that these tapes were really Private and only a few people had a copy of them, once the company vanished during the Early 80s (1983) all tapes regarding the Project were Banned and Destroyed, These are Super rare and I’m really lucky to have them. As to me, i’m doing fine, just staying home hoping covid doesnt f me over, take care!”


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