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Order to Best Watch The Walten Files Content

I have been thinking about reaction channels, reacting to some of The Walten Files content, but not all of it, and sometimes, in a slightly odd order. So here is an order, for new viewers, or for new reaction channels to get the best experience, watching The Walten Files.

Click on the title of the videos below, to watch that part of The Walten Files.

  1. The Walten Files – Season 1 Official Trailer
  2. The Walten Files 1 – Company Introductory Tape
  3. Teaser
  4. The Walten Files 2 – Relocate Project
  5. Lucky You
  6. Commercial
  7. The Walten Files 3 – BunnyFarm
  8. Guilty
  9. The Mysterious House
  10. Boozoo’s Ghosts
  11. Spin.mp3
  12. The Walten Files 1 Year Anniversary
  13. It’s That Time of The Year!
  14. Bon’s Burgers Plush Ad
  15. Boozoo’s Holiday Message
  16. Keep an Eye
  17. Pause & Rewind
  18. Bon’s Burgers Commercial (1970s)
  19. Showstoppers Plushies Cartoon (1982)
  20. Souvenir (September 2023 Teaser)
  21. “Spectacle” (Walten Files Minisode)
  22. The Bontergeist (Plush Video)
  23. 4, 5, 6 (Teaser)
  24. The Walten Files 4 – CyberFun Tech
  25. Lacrimosa

Below are Extra Videos, showcasing original music and creations by Martin

  1. The Showstoppers Official Album
  2. The Showstoppers II (Lost Album 1983)
  3. 32 Minutos: la Merte de Tulio Trivino

If you disagree, comment down below. Convince me and I will change the order.

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