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Top 10 Most Viewed Articles on this Website: January 2022

I thought this would be a different type of article for the website. I saw a comment on Reddit saying, that this website is just cashing in on the reactions of YouTubers. The reason why I am uploading articles, about reactions to The Walten Files, is that they are a part of the Walten Files fanbase. In three years, people may go back to watch the reactions, so that is why I have uploaded them. Plus, the website would be less popular, according to the numbers. So here are the Top 10 articles viewed on waltenfiles.com

No.Article TitlePercentage of Views
1The Complete Timeline So Far9.33
2Episodes of the Walten Files5.67
3New Merch and Teases for Walten Files 44.10
4Why Remove the Eyes?3.25
5New Teaser for Walten Files 42.42
6Log #785 – 5th April 19771.84
7Shadow Man Feeds Me1.83
8New Additions to the Timeline, from findjackwalten.com1.65
9Why the Walten Files Are So, Scary!1.42
10Bonus Content Page 11.1

Honourable mention, being No. 11 – The Story of Billy the Clown (which I still think is an important article about the Lore of the Walten Files).

The publishing date, is the date the article was first published. It is not the date, they were last updated.

The most viewed Reactions page, was Baz reacts, with 0.38% of total page views.

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