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The Story of Billy the Clown

The Walten Files award, for the creepiest animatronic for most, is Billy the Clown. However, what is the story behind, Billy the Clown, and is at as simple, as it first appears to be? He seems to just be another of the animatronic characters. However, there are some interesting questions to be asked about this animatronic.

Does he Appear before 1978?

This question has been asked, ever since Ashley stated, “I’ve never seen this clown thing before.” Ashley and her colleagues don’t appear to be suprised by any other animatronics, (other than Rocket). Yet, she is suprised by Billy. But when looking back at the original 1974 performance of the Showstoppers, in Walten Files 1, Billy is nowhere to be seen. He is also, the only main animatronic, absent from the cover picture, for the Showstoppers I album. But he is also weirdly absent from the much later dated Showstoppers II album.

But there is currently no evidence, to suggest that Billy the Clown, was in Bon’s Burgers, in 1974. The fact he is not possessed, by someone, until Ashley in 1978, might be further evidence to this fact. But maybe the most damning piece of evidence, comes from the secret video, Lucky You.

In none of the images or video footage, in this secret video, from 1974 or 1975, does Billy appear.

Yet in the Relocate project video, we see Billy the Clown being put into the back of the van, to be shipped off to the K9 storage facility.

To me, this feels like revisional history, promoted by the company. This is being created in 1978, so why not put Bon or Sha, in this clip? This feels deliberately, as a misdirect, by Bunny Smiles, and by Martin Walls. But further evidence that Billy is different, comes in that same video.

Why is Billy behind the Back Doors? All of the other animatronics, appear to be, easy to find, in the K9 storage facility. Not locked in a secret area, opened by a mysterious key. Why is he not in the main area of the K9 storage facility? He is not yet possessed (as far as we know) and there does not appear to be any major reason, why this animatonic in particular, is hidden away, in the dark. Unless he didn’t appear in Bon’s Burgers, in 1974, and he is a bit, of a secret. But that raises another question.

Why Doesn’t Billy Appear in 1974?

This is the biggest question to answer, and yet is the most difficult. The animatronic is showing signs of aging and wear, so it likely existed back in 1974, for it to age this way. But it has not got any significant damage, unlike Bon, or Sha. But then Ashley finds a cassette tape, (notice the picture labeled June 28th, does not feature Billy) and it has the date, 06/11/74. 11th June 1974, oddly the same date, as Jack Walten went missing. Coincidence? I think Not!

But does the tape prove he existed in 1974. Probably. The tape could have just been for a standard cassette player. But, the animatronic face moves, with the music, to myme singing the song. A song listed as Billy’s Happy Birthday Song, on the YouTube listing of the song. But it could be a red herring, but I doubt it.

So for the cassette to exist, the animatronic must exist, so why not use him? I believe there is definetly more to Billy the Clown, in 1974, as to why he was not used by the Bon’s Burgers restaurant. Keep an eye out for these clues, in Walten Files 4. I expect Billy the Clown, is important to the disappearance of Jack Walten, but we have not got all the pieces yet, to solve the mystery.

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