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A New Easter Egg Discovered!

You never know what you will spot when you watch someone else’s reaction to the Walten Files. Yesterday, I was watching somebody new, reacting to the Walten Files for the first time, when I spotted something, I had never noticed before, in Walten Files 2: Relocate Project.

If you slow the video to 0.25 speed or slower, at 01:30, you will see a dark figure (potentially Jack Walten) driving the van full of the animatronics, to the K9 storage facility. But if you wait for a few more seconds, the picture changes, first to a blank background, before a TV and some merchandise appear. On the TV is Bon and Sha, but they are not alone.

Very quickly (hence why the YouTube video needs to be slowed down), there is a human figure, moving from the left to the right-hand side of the screen, mostly hidden behind Bon and Sha. What might be more disturbing about this image, is the fact it does not appear to be Jack Walten. I wish I could get a better picture of this face, but it is so well hidden. It is just easier to see when you watch that section of the Walten Files 2 – Relocate Project, available by clicking here.

I cannot tell who it is, but it is unusual to see somebody with brown, or ash blonde hair, as a hidden figure. Neither Jack Walten, or Rosemary Walten have that coloured hair. The only characters with that colour of hair, or similar, are:

  • Brian Stells
  • Susan Woodings
  • Edd Walten

It is not clear which of these characters it could be. But I never saw this Easter Egg, until yesterday. I wonder if anybody else saw this strange figure in the tv. I also wonder, how many other Easter Eggs I am yet to see.

Try to get Some Sleep

But being honest, I’m not going to watch many reactions to the Walten Files for the next few weeks, because the music sticks in my head. I don’t enjoy trying to go to sleep, whilst the Walten Files, is playing in my head. Like little ear worms, reminding me of certain moments, as I try to sleep in my dark bedroom. It was not great last night. But, there will be articles, listing the reactions of YouTubers, appearing over the weekend and next week.

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