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Is the big Reveal of Walten Files 4, The Dog?

As anticipation grows for Walten Files 4, it seems pretty clear that this entry, could end up making certain people very upset. The story, of the dog. Right now, there are so many mentions of the four legged mammal, that I have had to list them:

  1. It appears in Walten Files 3, similar to how Rocket appeared in Walten Files 2, as a cameo or interesting detail not yet explained.
  2. A gif of a dog on Twitter, by Martin Walls will announce that Walten Files 4 is scheduled for release.
  3. “A dog” appears as a punchline in an advert for Walten Files merchandise.

But the biggest source of evidence that The fourth installment of the Walten Files, will introduce and significantly feature a dog, comes from an image on Martin Walls on Patreon. This image hidden in a pack of 8 other images, as well as the same day, two exlcusive videos about Bunnyfarm were released. It was even labelled as some funny art and drawings.

Since Martin Walls has now taken down his Patreon, this is the only image for this month I will share, since Martin may reintroduce his Patreon in the future. Plus, I don’t want to devalue his work. But the image in question is below.

Our Animal Friends, and Billy and Boozoo

9 characters, and we have met 8 of them so far, with only 1 left, appearing to be a dog. Here is a breakdown of which character is which in this grid:

  1. Top Left – Bon
  2. Top Centre – Sha
  3. Top Right – Banny
  4. Middle Left – Boozoo
  5. Middle Centre – Billy
  6. Middle Right – Showbear
  7. Bottom Left – Pete the Hippo
  8. Bottom Centre – Holly the Horse
  9. Bottom Right – Unnamed Dog Character

Does this mean that their is going to be a dog animatronic? Possibly, but that could be argued to be a similar case, if Pete and Holly will have animatronic versions, we just haven’t seen yet. The story of the dog, is currently unknown, although some speculate, that the dog was the Walten’s family dog. That makes sense, but it is yet to be confirmed to be true. But hearing a dog in distress, will likely elevate the drama and upsetting nature of TWF4, to an even higher level. And all the clues so far, indicate that this could be a strong possibility.

Another interesting note, is Rocket does not appear on this grid, and I don’t think, the bottom right picture looks like him either. I could be wrong, but it is a dog’s nose, and I can’t imagine Rocket having a collared shirt.

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