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The Walten Files: Top 10 Biggest Unanswered Questions

We are currently waiting for the fourth official installment of The Walten Files. We are waiting for more twisted horror, and lore, which could answer some of the biggest unanswered questions in the series so far. But what questions are the big ones for the fanbase, as we wait for Walten Files 4?

10) More of Boozoo’s & Charles’s Story

An aspect of the story from when Bon’s Burgers was open, that is still missing, is the story of Boozoo and Charles. To this day, we are still presuming that Charles’s spirit possesses Boozoo, as it has not fully been confirmed. We don’t even understand why Bon attacked ‘Charles’, as Bon’s motive before has been made clear.

Bon Attacked Susan Woodings because she was going to be ‘fixing’ him.

Next, Bon attacked Rosemary Walten, because of the Shadow Man, after asking too many questions about Jack Walten disappearing.

Then Bon Attacked Ashley Parker, as she saw “too much.”

Finally, Bon Attacked Brian Stells, but the reason is unclear, but theorized that messing with Bon’s arms caused him to attack.

But the story of who is Charles to Bon’s Burgers, to Jack Walten, and to the overall story remains a mystery. This mystery was a large part of MatPat’s 2nd theory about the Walten Files. To see that, click here.

9) What Happens to the Possessed Animatronics?

This question may never be answered and is highly unlikely to be answered in Walten Files 4. This question will likely be the number 1 question, after Walten Files 5. As of 1982, there are restless spirits, inhabiting the Bunny Smiles animatronics, but are they still haunting and possessing the animatronics, in 2022? What is going to happen to those that have become beautiful. They are going to terrify us, probably, for three more installments, but what happens to them after 1982?

Plus extra questions like, are the souls in harmony together, or are they against each other? They appear to be working together, but what is the end goal? What is their plan? How much will that plan change, in emotional situations? The stars of the show, and the questions only appear to grow with each part of the story.

8) What Happens to Sophie and Jenny?

I think this question will also become more important in time, as we see the two investigators learn more about the horrors of the past. We are not really invested in Sophie and Jenny, as we know very little about them. We know they are friends, and they seem to be destined to investigate the horrors of the past after Sophie played the Bunnyfarm arcade game. Further clues have been given since, but I feel we need more time with this pair. With more time, the more we will care, but their fate remains unclear.

7) What Happens to Felix?

Felix’s fate is still unclear, as we know he stays with Cyberfun Tech, until 1982. This is because of the post about CyberfunTech celebrating the New Year of 1982, with the clear signature of FK on a letter. I see you, Felix. We also know that Felix continues drinking as of 1977, due to log #785, to read that, click here.

But how much more does Uncle Felix feature in the story of the Waltens? This is still unclear, but his drinking led to the deaths of two children. Does Felix cause the death of anyone else, even inadvertently? He inadvertently caused the death of Ashley, by creating the Relocate project, which would send her to the K9 storage facility. To her doom.

Also, does Felix ever get help for his problems, or will the Walten’s get some sort of revenge against him? Only time will tell.

6) The Shadow Man’s Story

We don’t know who the shadow man is, in identity, story, or importance. We need to know! But the shadow man did not play a big part in the story of Walten Files 3, blending in the background. But the shadow man is clearly a significant figure, as they appear to have lured Rosemary to her doom. Who is this person, and why are they feeding Bon, when lights go out? To know more about that, click here. They are clearly important but, this mystery is yet to be solved.

5) BILLY?!

There are some subtle mysteries about Billy, that create a large picture of uncertainty. It is hard to explain in a few words, what I mean, so check out an article, specific to the mysteries around Billy, by clicking here.

Billy is not like the other 4 animatronics, not in character, or in spirit. But his role in the story will likely be the key, to solving the corporate conspiracy hiding in the history of Bunny Smiles, or Cyberfun Tech. One of the scariest animatronics in the K9 storage facility is likely to have a larger role in future parts of the Walten Files.

4) What is it about the Dog?

There is already an article written about the dog, available by clicking here. I care about the dog, as a dog owner, I care about this unnamed dog. But the mystery about the canine’s part in this story remains. I have a feeling, we will see more of the doggy, in the next installment of the Walten Files.

3) The Corporate side of the Conspiracy?

The final image of the 3rd Walten Files, was a BSI logo, at the end of the video footage. This felt out of place for this installment of the Walten Files, and still feels out of place today. But this highlighted to many Walten Files fans, the weirdness of the the corporate side of the Walten Files.

Sometimes it is BSI, sometimes it is Cyberfun Tech, what is the difference? And more importantly, why is there a difference? Why has Martin created this corporate structure for his story? It feels like Walten Files 4, will highlight and may confront this part of the story. What secrets do these companies hide, and who in each company, will become a vital part of the Walten Files? This conspiracy, will be revealed, for who’s dismay?

2) Why did Bon kill them?

If Five Nights at Freddy’s taught us anything, animatronics kill people for horror stories. But the question still remains, why did Bon kill his victims? There are a few statements that address this topic, but don’t give the clearest answer.

‘The left arm is kinda broken’

When she woke up, she looked beautiful’

‘She saw something she wasn’t suppose to see.’

‘Shadow Man feeds me, when lights go out’

All of these statements carry more questions, but if answered, it could reveal why Bon decided to kill, Susan, Charles, Rosemary, Ashley & Brian. Heck, we don’t even know if he did kill them, although I can’t imagine Rosemary surviving her injuries. But why attack them, why make them beautiful, and what does beautiful really mean, in this context? But I think question number 1, can help resolve this question.

1) Who possesses Bon?

It seemed obvious after the first two installments of the Walten Files, but the introduction of the red children has made the obvious answer, less obvious. I think 95% of the Walten Files fanbase, thought that Jack Walten, had to be the soul-possessing Bon. After Walten Files 3, the fanbase became split between, Jack, and the red children. There are even suggestions, that there could be a twist, and there be a completely separate entity, possessing Bon, like Pooltrick.

It is hard to really find out who is possessing Bon, without the storyteller, in your brain saying, out of emotion, who the identity is. 1 man who knows the secret, to the biggest mystery in the Walten Files, is Martin Walls, so we will have to wait until the series reveals the true identity of Bon.


I have tried to see which questions the fanbase has, for the Walten Files, as we await the fourth installment. If you have a question not featured above, let me know, in the comment section below. So many questions, so little time until Walten Files 4.

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