Film Theories on the Walten Files

For now, there is 2 current Film Theories on the Walten Files. However, it feels like he has a few more theories left to do, especially when new Walten Files episodes appear. This page will be updated with all subsequent theories when they appear.

Film Theory: Follow The Rabbit… Decoding The Walten Files.

This is the first part of MatPat theorizing on the Walten Files.

Video Published on 10th June 2021.

“Finally, there is a Five Nights At Freddy’s type of content I can cover on Film Theory. Theorists, welcome to The Walten Files. It is a video series created by Martin Walls and we HAVE to talk about it. It is not your standard haunted animatronic eatery story. Sit back and grab a snack as I introduce you to the series you NEED to know, what it’s telling us, and where I think it is going. Just press play….”

Film Theory: The Tragic Secret of The Walten Files

This is the second part of MatPat theorizing on the Walten Files.

Video Published on 16th October 2021.

“When I last left off with The Walten Files, I told you there was something else… something that deserved its own episode. Today we are talking about the tragedy that is hiding at the center of the series. This is a story of a broken family and the consequences of their choices. Today, we unlock the final secrets of The Walten Files.”

GTLive Reactions

MatPat hasn’t just theorized about the Walten Files, he also reacted to it. In fact, his reactions helped to grow the Walten Files fanbase, by a sizeable amount, so to see his reactions, click here.

Looking forward to more MatPat reactions and theories, when there are more Walten Files episodes.

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