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Secret Video: Lacrimosa

Video Published on 1st February 2024

YouTube Video Description:

“Report 90892 May 4th, 1974 – Brighton City Police Department Wrr: Frank Davis

Felix Archer Kranken reportedly arrived at the station in the morning on May 3rd, He had a broken pair of glasses, dirty blue pants and a yellow dress shirt covered in dirt and blood. When I got the call He was already taken into custody, we sat him down for a few hours and he revealed valuable information about a case we were previously told about earlier that same day by Mr. Jack Walten. Walten’s 2 youngest kids, Edd and Molly Walten, had disappeared with Kranken the night prior. Felix’s alibi stated he was unconscious or about 20 minutes, when he woke up the kid had ran off.”

Charles Brook – Kyle DeNigris

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  1. I find the disparity in Banny’s design very odd. I was very confused when I had first watched Lacrimosa, but now, I kinda just accept it. it is odd, though. Part of me wonders if her situation is similar to that of bon; since TWF 4 was in production for so long, there are scenes that were made at different times. for instance, his bowtie was changed, and he gained a collar (in the newer scenes), and lacks these changed in the older ones. Rocket’s ear has a similar issue: in the newer scenes, the tip of his ear is unwithered. And, (as you’d expect by where I’m going with this,) withered in the older scenes. So, using this logic, we can assume that Banny may have been redesigned at some point, only currently being shown in Lacrimosa. Though, this theory has holes in it, as Banny’s regular design is seen in Lacrimosa. honestly, i dont know what it could all mean. i’d love to hear your opinion, though.

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