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Martin Walls QnA and Update

Last week, Martin Walls provided an update on The Walten Files 4, as well as host a QnA on his YouTube community page. His short statement before the QnA read:

“Been a long minute and waiting is painfully boring so, any questions about TWF, episode 4 etc? gonna try to answer the ones I find most interesting. Progress is fine, we had to re-do a lot of scenes to fit better the “bigger” narrative. There are also a lot of “interesting” secrets in the video. Here’s a little glimpse of whats coming asides from episode 4 itself.”

This was above the following image,

Below, are a few of the Questions and Answers, from that QnA.

Questions 1 – 3

Alex Kister – What inspired you to make TWF4 more cinematic in nature? I have been going down a similar route with my series, it would be interesting to hear more about your inspirations?

MW – the series becoming formulaic mostly, and also to distance the series from every other analog horror, not in order for it to be “better”, but rather for it to be seen as its own thing.

Lilo&StitchFan926 – Hi there. I just discovered this. This series terrifies me to my very core. A sends goosebumps over my entire body. I love it. It is most definitely one of the scariest things I’ve watched in a good while. I hope The Walten Files for is as good and scary as the previous ones, perhaps maybe even more. Now for my QUESTION: So we’ve seen that Bon can get out of the facility, as he chased Brian Stells out before killing him, is it possible the other Showstoppers could leave the facility too? You don’t have to answer this if it’ll spoil anything.

MW – This is an interesting one, there IS a point in the series that explores more Bon’s encounter with Brian in the pilot/Episode 1. I wont say when it happens, but it’ll be explored as that event feels a little disjointed so far.

Winden – Hey Martin, do you have plans in episode 4 to explore later points in the timeline such as the early 2000 like you appear to do on websites?

MW – I don’t intend to expand on the timeline further than the 1980s, Episode 4 covers an interesting part of the timeline.

Questions 4 – 6

Pedro Madureira – 1-Is Linda gonna have any more significance to the story than just divorcing Felix. and 2-Are we gonna get any more info on other BSI employees that were only mentioned by name, like Sarah Evelyn in TWF 1? P.S.- Really love your videos.

MW – No character is useless in the series, if they’re mentioned, they will serve a greater purpose in the story… mostly.

Mint – Will there be even more styles of telling the story added throughout its run? (I.E vhs, home video recording, game footage, possibly news recordings, faux documentaries or anything else in the relm of possibility)?

MW – Yes, we came up with something particularily fun for this episode that hasn’t been done before, it may not feel realistic but its a great way to progress the story.

⸮⸮⸮ – Will any more backstory or information be provided about Felix and Jack’s young adult lives leading up to them creating Bon’s Burgers?

MW – We came up with a great story leading up to the events of ’74, a story that is just as worth telling as the paranormal events in the series.

Questions 7 – 10

Ey Boss – Will some of the side characters be developed more or brought back such as Jenny or even Hilary B and Kevin W, also hope you’re doing good outside of making the series, keep up the good work!!

MW – There are some real fun comebacks from this point onward in the series.

Kake – There’s been a lot of criticisms regarding the “analog horror scene” Will those criticisms affect the way you make TWF in the future? I’m hoping not because I really like your style of horror, but if you are considering going for a different style, what do you have in mind?

MW – They made me realize greater flaws that define the analog horror genre, and i decided to reinvent what I wanted the series to be like.

KatzCatt – Would you say the series from now on is more character driven or more driven by the animatronics and such, like will it become more of a interpersonal dramatic horror with robots sprinkled in, or vice versa?

MW – Character driven, 100%

Mhairi Harris – Hey Martin, Absolutely love your work. Will the minor characters from Bunny Farm (Hippo Family, Pretty Horse Girl, etc..) ever make a reappearance in the future?

MW – Small cameos.

Question 11 – 14

glass eater – Will there be development on the history of BSI and the companies in TWF universe? Can’t wait for ep 4 btw :))

MW – There will be a lot of exploring the world of the series asides from the ghosts story, this includes exploring the companies of TWF and how they came to be, specially BSI. and thanks!

spushii – Are there still plans to make that Behind-The-Scenes video at the season’s end? I’ve been really impressed and excited by the quality of the visuals in the teasers you’ve shown for TWF4 and am really interested in what the process of creating those might look like.

MW – ohh definitely haha.

Phisweegle – Hi Martin! Will episode 4 reveal more about Boozoo? I feel like he’s the animatronic that we know the least about.

MW – Every animatronic and character gets their time to shine in the series, stick around haha.

Matthew Devlin – Is shadow man still canon in the series? If so will we see more of him in episode 4?

MW – Yes he’s still canon.

Questions 15 – 17

Arch’s Space – I have some vague questions regarding the lore as I’m curious about how the community has effected the story. I know you said you’ve had the story written since day 1, but has there been any sort of theory that the community has latched onto so hard that it changed the direction of the story/it’s canon events? Similarly, have there been points in the story where everyone just interpreted the symbolism incorrectly and have been running with it this whole time? (A good example being the scene of Bon spazzing out while different faces flash on screen; it seems nobody can agree on what it means.) I’m not looking for specific examples or lore confirmations, moreso wondering what the effects of the community has had on the lore.

MW – Never, I don’t like giving the community “what they want/expect” when it comes to my story and my characters, I’d rather have them be caught off guard by how drastically different the events appear to be in retrospective and grow fond of what I created.

Jerize Bravo – Are we going to find out more about Charles?? Are we going to have more clues on what exactly happened to Jack and who exactly is in “Bons” suit??

MW – Yes, Yes and Yes. what this whole story is leading up to is very very crazy, but theres still ground to cover yet.

Let’s talk Metal – What’s one thing about older horror movies that you find interesting and most terrifying? And why is this style so disturbing and mysterious? (Love your work!!)

MW – How they can turn their cheesiness into an atmosphere that makes them feel almost like fever dream-ish.

Questions 18 – 21

Tailsy Evergreen – Golly hi Martin, got two questions. Is it possible that this entry is gonna explore split perspectives of key characters and different times? And two, this is quite jumping the gun but since you’ve been making changes for 4 has there been development with the finale at the same time or your just taking it one step at a time. Thank you.

MW – This new entry really plays around with the timeline, thats all I can say. It picks up at an interesting point that many people probably dont expect. And yes, theres been SLIGHT development for episodes 5 and 6 throughout this break, this was in order to help make 4, 5 and 6 all the more connected.

Mr_Unfunny – ¿Did you have the entire scope of the story from the start or did some details change throughout the making of the series?

MW – The story was written since day 1, but we expand on the basics as we go on.

Splatey – Will there be an in depht focus on certain characters? Would love to see Rosemarys personality and how she interacts with her family before and after jack going missing.

MW – I want to contextualize what these people are like besides pawns to construct a horror story, these are supposed to be humans with flaws and talents too, there will be depth for the main characters yes.

Bryson is cool – Is the series going forward more like the first two tapes, like “#37393 VHS Scary spooky” or is it going to be a mix of more narrative like how BunnyFarm was with the VHS feel?

MW – From this point onward, TWF serves much more as a “70s horror film” with bits and sprinkles of found footage and good ol analog horror here and there.

Questions 22 – 24

Hbkmdev12 – So nobody exactly knows what Billy’s reversed message was in episode 2. Many people think it’s something like “The Boy went to college, filled with knowledge, but never was wanted” can you confirm that or is it something completely different? Also super pumped for episode 4!

MW – something completely different.

ThunderLee007 – Last year, you said you expected TWF 4 to come out by the end of 2021. What changed? Also, percentage wise, how much of TWF 4 has been completed? Thank you for making this great series! Good luck and take your time! ALSO, upon another glimpse at the blurred image, I think that’s the Bon plush to the left. ARE THERE GOING TO BE MORE PLUSHIES!

MW – What changed was my perspective of the series as a whole, I realized I could do so much more despite how long that would take.

you gullible f – Aside from fnaf, are there any other forms of media, in the present as well as old media that served as thematic inspirations for twf? Love your work!

MW – thousands and thousands of media outside of fnaf actually: old ps1 and ps2 thillers are one of those.

Questions 25 & 26

KirbyFan 4411 – Hi Martin

MW – ay

WhoShotJJ – Hi Martin! So what general direction do you want to go with TWF? My opinion is that 1-3 episodes were somewhat of a “setting up the backstory”, and from here the real action will begin.

MW – precisely, episode 1-3 set up the base ground for the story. episodes 4-6, 7-9 and 10-12 all cover different arcs of the story. I actually constantly call episode 1-3 “the discovery arc” on my scripts and drafts.

Danch – Have you taken enough breaks while doing this? We care about your health as the same as the series, so, are you not stressed out?

MW – I’ve taken enough breaks yes, there are times where I block myself out on an idea or concept but I always get back up once I get through it.


Wow, a few surprising answers there, and a kind question to end on there. If you want to go and have a look at all the questions Martin did not answer, then the original YouTube community post is available, by clicking here. But as far as I could see, all the questions Martin answered, are on this webpage. But also, sometimes YouTube community posts can be deleted, or lost so, at least these questions and answers are now saved.

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