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Why is Sha, Called Sha?

This might seem like a weird topic, but why is Sha, called Sha. Why not Bailey, Brooke or Blair. What I’m insinuating is, all of the showstoppers, have their names begin with the letter B, apart from Sha.

Bon the Bunny

Banny the Bunny

Boozoo the Ringleader

Billy the Clown

I know both Rocket, and Showbear, don’t have names beginning with a B, but these two characters are not yet linked with the Bon’s Burgers establishment, unlike the Showstoppers. At least this is the case, following the Walten Files 3. So why is Sha not named, with a B. Maybe it is a coincidence, that four of the showstoppers have B as the first letter in their names. However, this is also unlikely. Many franchises, attempt to have characters with distinctly different names, to make every character as memorable as possible. 4 out of 5 characters having the same first letter, is quite odd.

Potentially, there is aliteration naming occurring, but only in the animal animatronics.

Bon the Bunny

Banny the Bunny

Sha the Sheep

However, this does not make sense, for Boozoo and Billy. But does the inclusion of a Ringleader and Clown, into a group including two rabbits, and a sheep. But that is a discussion for another day.


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