Diary of the Website

Diary of Making this Website: Day 2

Day 2 of a diary. I have decided to make a diary of this website, in order to show my progress, making this website. Learning how to do WordPress, has been interesting. But now I have got to write Day 1. Maybe I am making extra work for myself, but I don’t know how websites really work.

Day 1 of the Diary done. Now, to write my first actual post. Why is Sha, Called Sha? I have no idea if that is a good idea for an article or not, but I just need to do stuff. I don’t expect many people to be using this website on Day 2, when there is no search engine programming or social media. Do I want Social media, to advertise this website? Maybe?

I have created the pages on the website, to put the Walten Files videos on. I’m quite pleased with them, as they turned out quite well. I enjoyed placing the videos in the article, but initially, the video descriptions were not included. But now, the articles look better with them, so I am quite happy. Now, to start the main task of the website. The Timeline!

The main appeal, I feel this website will have, is the timeline. By breaking down every event in the videos, by date, into a single webpage, is probably what every fan of the Walten Files, want the most, from a website like this. It’s what I want at least.

I have about another 8 post ideas, named in the drafts folder. In terms of issues, I don’t like the posts reappearing at the bottom of the homepage. I keep trying to get rid of it, but will it go. Nope!

My final task of the day, advertise Martin Walls on Patreon. I think that is the right thing to do. Martin deserves more credit, than he is getting from subscriber numbers. When am I going to actually tell him about this. I know I should, to be honest with him. But, I want him to see the website when it looks like it is at its best. And the timeline article is complete. Maybe after the first week.

Plan for Day 3, Google. Learn about Analytics, and SEO, whatever that is. But try and add at least 1 more article. The timeline is going to take longer than I expected. I want it to be perfect.

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