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Shadow Man Feeds Me…

The final line at the end of 2nd Walten Files, Relocate Project, “Shadow Man feeds me when lights go out…” spoken by an unknown entity, caught a few by surprise on a first watch. However, if you look a little deeper, then you will know, where this line comes from.

At the end of the teaser video, released on Martin Wall’s Youtube Channel, on the 3rd June 2020, we see old and broken Bon in the shadows, say the line, “Shadow Man…” in the same voice as at the end of Walten Files 2.

It is interesting to think this voice, could be actual Bon’s voice. But potentially finding out who says the line at the end of Walten Files 2, raises more questions. What is Shadow Man feeding Bon? Why is Shadow Man feeding Bon? Why is Shadow Man feeding Bon when lights go out? Is Shadow Man intentionally feeding Bon? Is Shadow Man feeding anyone else? But there is still one main question! But before we get there, let’s answer an important question about the Walten Files?

Why is the Shadow Man Important?

The Shadow Man has appeared a few times in the Walten Files, but if there is a black figure, in a 2D animated segment, then many agree that this figure is likely the Shadow Man. They don’t appear in the original Walten Files video, and they only have 1 appearance in the 3rd Walten Files, Bunnyfarm. This comes in the opening cutscene of the Bunnyfarm game. In the final few seconds of the cutscene, you can see a black figure, near the door in the background. They appear to be leaving the restaurant. So not really that important in two of three Walten Files videos.

However, they have multiple appearances in the 2nd Walten Files, Relocate Project. We have already mentioned the final seconds of the 2nd Walten Files, and how it relates to the teaser video. But the more interesting section surrounds the Shadow Man’s relationship to Sha.

In the Technical Support Tutorial, 1978, an animated Sha shows us around the K9 Storage Facility. However, when Sha leaves the Resting Room, the Shadow Man appears for a few seconds. Then before Sha enters the Basement, Shadow Man can be seen entering a door out of the basement. When Sha returns to the basement area, Shadow Man can be seen blocking a doorway, Sha had entered to view the dilapidated animatronics. When Sha approaches Shadow Man, the video glitches out, with Sha crying, in various images.

The video proceeds, showing Bon kill Rosemary, before stuffing her remains in the Sha animatronic. As Sha is shown becoming possessed, the background turns from black, to white, showing the Shadow Man, watching from near the door. How long the Shadow Man had been there, is unclear.

Who is the Shadow Man?

There has been a lot of speculation as to who could be the Shadow Man, and explanations for why the Shadow Man does, what they do in the Walten Files?

Suspect #1 – Felix Kranken

Probably the most obvious suspect of the Shadow Man, is someone who is a man, known to be alive, in 1974 and 1978. Never mind the potential motive Felix Kranken might have, to be the Shadow Man. A man responsible for the deaths of two children in 1974, but could he be responsible for more?

Felix Kranken continues to run a company, responsible for the ‘disappearances’, of at least six different people, including his former business partner, and three members of his former business partner’s family. Plus two employees of his business. Yet he is a man of, “a giant brain, but also a giant heart.”

Walten Files 3 revealed a lot about Felix Kranken, from his problems with alcohol to his marital issues, and the fate of two children, he was looking after, for his best friend. But despite everything, he seems more incompetent, than a ruthless psychopath. But we don’t know if the Shadow Man is incompetent, more than a ruthless psychopath.

Is Felix Kranken the obvious suspect, that is a misdirect from Martin Walls? I think he is. But that does not change the fact, that with the most evidence to his name, Felix Kranken could be the Shadow Man, to be revealed in future parts of the Walten Files.

Suspect #2 – Jack Walten

Did Jack Walten live on, past 1974? There are many doubts about this, but if he did, then it is very, very likely, that he is the Shadow Man. A character hidden in the shadows, never to be seen, and potentially hiding in the dark, away from the rest of the world. Jack Walten never reappears, (at least so far) so this could explain him living beyond 1974, and yet being presumed dead.

Also, the pictures of Jack Walten, throughout the series, even in animated form, are black and white. All other characters are shown in colour, but not Jack Walten. A small and interesting detail. But then again, if Jack Walten is not dead, then how is he haunting the Walten Files?

Why would Jack Walten go into hiding? And If he is still alive, how come he just left his daughter, Sophie Walten, to not have a family? I don’t know to both of those questions. Really, what we are missing with Jack Walten, is the motive to be the Shadow Man. Some would argue trauma is the cause. I say we need more than just a psychotic breakdown, to understand why the Shadow Man, lured Rosemary (Jack’s Wife) to her doom.

So if Jack Walten is alive, then it is 99% sure he is the Shadow Man. Problem is, we are 90% sure Jack Walten is dead.

Suspect #3 – Sophie Walten

Not exactly an obvious pick but, there are some interesting links between Sophie, and the Shadow Man. First is her connection to Sha, and the fact Rosemary calls out in Walten Files 2, “Where am I, Sophie?” as she glitches, switching between herself and Sha. A connection with her mother is beyond doubt and may explain why the Shadow Man did not appear for the backstories of Banny or Boozoo, so far.

However, there are a few flaws in this theory. The first being, why and how is Sophie feeding Bon when lights go out? The second being, why in 1978 is Sophie in the K9 storage facility, when she has been taking pills since 1974, and her family’s disappearance. It also appears to be the case, that Rosemary was lured to her death, as seen in the third Walten Files, Bunnyfarm, why would Sophie want that. And finally, why would Sophie call her mother Rosie in that moment? These little details, make me believe, Sophie is not the Shadow Man, but maybe Walten Files 4 changes this fact? We will wait and see.

Suspect #4 – Chris

I would like to put a picture of Chris in this article, but we have no picture of Chris, unless he is, the Shadow Man. What do we know about Chris? His name appears, associated with Bunny Smiles Incorporated, in 1974, where he helps Susan Woodings at Jeremy’s Birthday party, I and in 1982, he tells Brian Stells, that the K9 storage facility has been shut for about 4 years, as well as his name appearing on a save file, for the arcade cabinet game of Bunnyfarm. He is present for the beginning of the timeline, and currently the end of the timeline. Some quite large coincidences there.

The fact he is mentioned by two different individuals, who would moments later be attacked by Bon, is also, unusual. Chris is a mysterious figure in the Walten Files, almost like he is hiding in the shadows. If Felix is the obvious suspect, Chris could be the secret mastermind behind the Shadow Man. We are left wanting to know a motive, and what his intentions really are. I suspect we will find out, soon enough.

Suspect #5 – Another Employee

Is this the Shadow Man?

There are other names mentioned in the Walten Files, of other employees of Bons Burgers. Could one of these, yet barely known characters, be the Shadow Man? I have taken a closer look at these obscure names in the Walten Files, and potentially, there is a name that could be the Shadow Man. To read that article, click here.


Ultimately, there are numerous different theories, behind the identity of the Shadow Man. But for right now, I feel like this is how I would rate the suspects so far.

Felix Kranken is Most Likely.

Chris is 2nd Most Likely.

Jack Walten is 3rd Most Likely.

Another Employee or a Character we are yet to meet in the Walten Files is 4th Most Likely.

Sophie Walten is Least Likely.

Of course, I could be completely wrong, and just know, I’m no trained detective. But if I had a free bet and had to pick someone, then it would be Felix Kranken. Will Walten Files 4 change my opinion? Probably!

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