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Sy05 and the Walten Files

One of the dangling plot threads of the Walten Files, is the YouTube account of Sy05. An account that has posted comments on the Walten Files YouTube videos, and even teased the arrival of Walten Files 3, on its own YouTube channel. So what is Sy05, and what significance does this mysterious YouTube channel have, for the future of the Walten Files?

The YouTube Channel

Sy05 has 1 video on its YouTube channel, but maybe more interesting, is the profile image of this YouTube channel. It is a picture, of a car driving through a woodland. It is surely an image, referencing Brian Stells, driving to the K9 storage facility, in Walten Files 1.

The only YouTube video on the Sy05 YouTube channel, is called, ‘the ticking clock’. It features a ticking clock, showing the time of 4:11, with an apparent alarm, set for half-past six. The image has too much ligt exposure, blurring the image as the dancing music, of a Spring dance gets louder. Music very reminiscent of the Spring dance, at the end of Walten Files 3. The video has the following description:

“as the days tick away, we get closer to the next set of pieces being released, but only as the clock continues to tick. only as the clock continues to tick.”

Furthermore, Sy05 left a comment below their own video, “Note: The Release of the next video, alongside the next puzzle pieces, are still being prepared for you all. Patience is a virtue, and it’s one of the most crucial things you need to solve the puzzle. Be patient and the pieces will be given to you.”

Base 64

Sy05 also left comments on the first three Walten Files videos, and we know this, since Martin Walls pinned them. However, the comments are written in Base64 code, making the comments look like random jibberish. But if you decode Sy05, with a base64 decoder, then you get, K9. The same name as the storage facility used by Cyberfun Tech to store, the Bon’s Burgers animatronics and merchandise. Not a coincidence, I’m sure.

When using the Base64 coder again, but this time on the Sy05 channel’s about page, the following message is revealed:

I watch within the Shadows.

I guide others to success.

I am here to help you piece this puzzle together.

I cannot give you the answers directly.

But I can help you find them.

Be wise or the puzzle will forever remained unsolved.


I will talk more about what this little poem might mean, when discussing the three comments by Sy05 on the Walten Files videos.

Walten Files 1 Comment by Sy05

But what does the comment on 1st Walten Files video say when decoded:

“The first pieces of the puzzle have been placed.

The puzzle is far from a solution.

Be weary the hints that appear over time.

One missed direction can throw off the course of this puzzle forever.


Walten Files 2 Comment by Sy05

“More puzzle pieces have been laid out for you.

Others are more significant than others.

Two pieces are crucial to slowly achieving the solution.

Find the pieces, return them to me, and meet at the intersection.

See you Soon.


Walten Files 3 Comment by Sy05

The puzzle pieces are here for you now, and they are in a similar fashion to the ones you pieced months ago.

Remember the methods, look for the pieces, and you will have another segment complete.



It is very hard to put the pieces of Sy05 together, and see a clear picture, of what the intention of Martin Walls is, with this mysterious part of the Walten Files puzzle. But, the line that stands out to me is, “I watch within the Shadows.” It cannot be, that Sy05, also known as K9, is…


What a crazy reveal that would be. But then again, who is the Shadow Man, who is now Sy05. Is it Felix? Is it Chris? Or maybe Sy05 is not an alive person, but instead, a spirit, trapped within the K9 storage facility.Hence the name of Sy05, using Base64 decoder becoming K9. If this was the case, then this leads me to believe that Sy05 is Brian Stells. An outsider to the Walten family, but yet we see his demise first. Brian is yet to appear again, unless he has been there all along, and we just didn’t realise it.

Another little thing to note by the comments of Sy05, is the use of the word, puzzle. I would class a puzzle, as a game. Who would Sy05 be, if they think this is all a big game? Just a little thing to keep in mind.

Or maybe it is Anthony Miller, trying to be more mysterious, as part of him wanting people to believe that ghosts in Brighton are real. But, I’m probably wrong, and Martin Walls has fooled me once more. If you have any theories on who it could be, let me know, in the comment section below. Hey, that rhymed!

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