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Where is Brian Stells?

It may seem like a redundant question, but I think it might produce interesting answers. I’m not just asking where Brian Stells is, spiritually, but also physically. In the first episode of the Walten Files, Brian Stells visits the K9 storage facility, as a part of his job as a facility caretaker. However, he is attacked by Bon.

His final lines, thus far being, “I can’t feel anything, he thought I was her.” Since then, we don’t know what happened to Brian Stells. But to be fair, we have only seen certain footage, after Bon’s attack of Brian Stells, that being from Walten Files 3. Sophie Walten playing the Bunnyfarm arcade machine, happened after Brian went missing, hence why Jenny was talking about his disappearance to Sophie.

So is Brian Stells in Bunnyfarm? Potentially, yes. One of the mysteries in Bunnyfarm, is the figure hiding in certain parts of the game. When the pigs enter the Hippo house (a sentence I have never written before, and will probably never write again) at 16:31, you can see a mysterious figure watching from behind the right-hand side of the house. When playing Hide and Seek, a figure can be seen, peeking out of the darkness, between the trees.

The Spark of the Idea

But the idea of this figure being Brian Stells, came from a video, that Martin Walls uploaded onto his Patreon. Check out Martin Walls on Patreon, by clicking here. In the Patreon video, uploaded on January 21st 2022, and stop the video at 03:48. Do you see him, in the top right-hand corner. Wearing purple, which is the uniform of the Facility Caretaker for Bunny Smiles Incorporated. And what was Brian Stells again?

What a coincidence?!

If you think this is just a Patreon, exclusive, it is not. Go to 34:21 in the actual Bunnyfarm episode, and see Brian Stells, once more. Admittedly, it is not as clear in the canon Bunnyfarm episode, but to everyone with the Patreon evidence, it is undeniable. It is Brian Stells!

The reason why Brian appears like this is quite simple, he has no physical vessel. He was not stuffed into an animatronic by Bon, as far as we know, so he does not have an animatronic persona. I feel like him just appearing, without a dedicated section in Bunnyfarm, is interesting though.

Brian Stells has had very little impact on this story so far. Could he possess a new animatronic, such as Pete the Hippo? I guess that depends on what happened to his body. Did Bon drag it back into the K9 storage facility, or leave it in Saint Juana’s forest? I believe the body of Brian Stells is still outside in the forest. Hence why, all his appearances in Bunnyfarm, he is outside of buildings. Almost always near the trees.

But with proof that Brian is now haunting Sophie and BSI, expect to see more of Brian Stells, in footage from 1982 or beyond.

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