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Early Story Predictions For Walten Files Season 2

We are currently waiting for Walten Files 4 to appear. But based on clues left by Martin Walls so far, I felt I would try and predict some of the story beats, for 2nd Season of the Walten Files.

Walten Files Season 1 will have 6 instalments, with Walten Files 5 & 6, set to debut a week apart from each other, as a two-part season finale. There will likely be a break before, the 2nd Season of the Walten Files.

My expectation is, that Walten Files 4, 5 & 6, will continue and potentially conclude the story of the Waltens! At least in the 70s & 80s. However, I think there will be a time jump for season 2, with it taking place, potentially in the present day. Why do I believe this? Anthony Miller.

The Story of Finding the Tapes

An unexplained part of the current Walten Files story is the story of uploading these videos. It sounds strange but, Anthony is uploading these videos to YouTube and the videos are corrupted by the spirits of the damned. But, it would be interesting to see real-life modern footage of people exploring Brighton Michigan, and the spirits still linger decades after their fateful days. Also, if Sophie is still alive, in 2022 she will become 62 years old. A crazy old woman in the woods sounds like a horror movie to me.

Another question, why is Sy05, (aka K9) commenting in base 64 on the videos? Who or what, is this? And why does Anthony, not notice that these videos are haunted, and how did he get these tapes? There is a story to be told, about the modern-day. For a list of ideas, just look at the Brighton Ghosts webpage, click here.

Refreshing Motivation

So I think the Walten Files will leave the 80s behind for season 2. Partially for story reasons, and also out of a challenge for Martin Walls and his team. It is clear to see, that Martin Walls and his team have become, less enthusiastic about the Walten Files. At least recently, with the current part of the story, taking a long time to produce. From afar, I feel like Martin is not satisfied with something with Part 4. So a significantly different season 2, maybe Martin Walls’s idea for recreating the enthusiasm for this project, beyond 2022.

This is speculation on my part, but maybe dealing with such dark materials takes a toll on Martin Walls and his team. I have to take breaks, just because you can start to overthink the seriously dark subject matter. Hence why Martin Walls has been making more light-hearted content, such as jokes on Twitter, & the merchandise adverts.

Narratively, it does feel like Season 1 is about the 70s & 80s, and Season 2 will take place at a different time. I feel like the present-day presents the most options. Found footage of the 60s or earlier, is highly unlikely, but Ancient mysteries could be a part of a modern mystery.

Maybe the Walten Files will continue in the 70s & 80s, and the story will develop from Walten Files 6, for season 2. But it feels like the story, of Sophie and Jenny discovering the horrors of the past, will conclude in Season 1. Although some things could linger on for season 2. Like restless spirits, wanting everything to be beautiful, for example.

This is my theory but if you have a theory, then leave it in the comments down below.

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