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Walten Files 7 – Alice – Coming in 2025

In the saga of on the name-me page, (a previous version) it was revealed that the 7th main episode of, The Walten Files, will be named Alice. Previously, this title has made very little sense, but the 4th installment revealed the likely meaning of this title.

With the recent introduction of Wonderland, in TWF4, it seems that the first episode of season 2 will be about the spirits, no longer tethered to human flesh. This purgatory will likely play a part, in the introductory episode of Season 2.

There will likely be more news about Walten Files 7, once the 6th episode has been released. However, the early prediction here, is that this song, this creepy singer-only version, will feature in this episode.

The lyrics fit really well, and it came out long before Jack Walten went missing, with the original song being released in 1967. I mean, we just had a bit of Vera Lynn in TWF4, maybe now it is time for Jefferson Airplane.

Production is to begin on The Walten Files 7 after the release of TWF6, as long as things stick to the plan.

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