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What is, Brighton Michigan, Really Like

This settlement is the location of the Walten Files. But what is Brighton Michigan really like? It is smaller than I expected. The Brighton Township with a population of 19,144 (2020 Census), sits in Livingston County, in South East Michigan. Famous for producing some NFL players, the real beauty comes from the local rural area.

Quoting the official Brighton website, “Several state and county parks are located within a few minutes’ driving distance, as are more than 50 beautiful lakes, natural wetlands and golf courses. The state’s Brighton Recreation Area alone comprises nearly 5,000 acres of woods, meadows and lakes.

The township has suffered though, due to the financial issues of Detroit. This was likely a commuter town, where most would travel to Detroit, to work. The centre of Detroit is a 45-minute drive from Brighton. Or travel to Ann Arbor, a smaller city, South of Brighton. But Ann Arbor has struggled, as has much of Michigan, with the modern economic downfall of Detroit.

1970s Brighton

However, it is likely that in the 1970s and 1980s, this area of Michigan would have been a sleepy little town, with a strong community spirit. But with Detroit just down the road, it is not hard to imagine, a mechanical engineering business, succeeding in 1970s Michigan.

For Walten Files fans, Brighton High School is a recognisable and significant building, in the township. However, it will surprise nobody that St Juana’s forest does not actually exist. But there are many woodlands, surrounding Brighton. Bon’s Burgers would likely have been on the Main Street, in the downtown area of Brighton. in fact,

To know even more about Brighton Michigan, here is a link to a local newspaper publication, talking about the good, bad and ugly, of Brighton Michigan:

I wonder if the residents of Brighton Michigan, know about the Walten Files? But I presume Martin Wall’s is a resident, since he used a real Brighton photo, for the location of Bon’s Burgers. To know more about the real-life building of Bon’s Burgers, click here.

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