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A Fan-Made Short Story: The Rabbit is Starving

On the run up to Halloween, I just thought I would share a story, written for an ASMR Channel, about the Walten Files. It is titled, The Rabbit is Starving, and not very suprisingly, it is a story of Banny and Susan Woodings in the Walten Files. If you want to check out this short story, for yourself this Halloween, click here.

The short-story is not as creative, as the non-canon stories, created by Martin Walls. These include Bazoo’s ghosts, or The Mysterious House, available by clicking here. However, it might just give you the creeps, at this evil time of year. Apparently it might be made into an ASMR roleplay, which I think could genuinely work well.

The Rabbit is Starving, is a free story for you today. Available by clicking here. Happy New Year!

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