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New Teaser for Walten Files 4!

Before I start this article, let me just say, Martin Walls has lost none of his sound direction prowess. The music to this GIF, is harrowing and I don’t know why.

Martin Walls is becoming as famous as Scott Cawthon for slowly teasing his audience, between major releases. The latest comes in the form of a GIF, or whatever you call a 13 second clip now. The Tik Tok video plays with flowers in the foreground, whilst, in the background, an animatronic dances on the grass.

To see this clip, click here.

The way this thing moves, is scary enough, but then the music in the background makes this even more memorable. This raises so many questions now, about what this clip will mean, within Walten Files 4.

Do the animatronics escape the K9 storage facility? The animatronic looks to be a version of Sha, but why does it look different, and not so destroyed and dilapadated? Are we seeing the perspective of someone, hiding behind the flowers, away from the animatronic? When does this take place?

So many questions, and only 1 man with the answers. Well done Martin Walls, you managed to make me scared of the animatronics, again. To see this clip, click here.

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