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Halloween Release for Walten Files 4

With the teaser for Walten Files 4, releasing at the end of September 2021, is Walten Files 4, going to release at the end of October, for Halloween? The next episode of the Walten Files, appears to be titled, Stay Tuned, and could be released very soon. With Martin Walls releasing two specials, for Halloween and Christmas last year, it shows he cares about the holidays when it comes to the Walten Files.

Would there be a better date for the next episode of the Walten Files, than Halloween itself? In my opinion, no. However, there has been no confirmation that this is going to be the case from Marin Walls. However, we are 11 days from Halloween, and almost a month since the last teaser? I might be getting my hopes up here, but Walten Files 4, has been a long wait. Over 200 days ago, we saw Walten Files 3, Bunnyfarm, and every fan of the Walten Files, wanted more.

Admittedly, the wait between Walten Files 2, Relocate Project, and Walten Files 3 was 264 Days. We are 51 days from breaking that record. Then we might be looking at Christmas date for the Walten Files. I cannot imagine a Christmas date for the Walten Files. But then he did make Boozoo’s Ghosts.

Walten Files 4, for Halloween. Walten Files 5, for Christmas or New Years celebrations. Now I know I’m being greedy. 😉

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