April Tweets from Martin Walls

Following Twitter speculation, Martin Walls responded to the rumours, that he had passed away, due to his inactivity online. These tweets were posted on April 14th 2022.

Tweet 1: i guess its the smartest way to just take a pause and speak up over this litle situation i just woke up to like 30 minutes ago. no matter what kind of joke you wanna make PLEASE think of the backlash it may have. thats really the only thing i wanna say on the matter

Tweet 2: something that may seem funny and innocent at first can actually lead to godawful damage to the reputation youve been tryna build for YEARS, so as cold as it may sound, let this be a lesson.


Tweet 3: as for 4, for anyone interested, i just got back to working for it, classes have been keeping me busy but ive managed. somehow all the pressure i used to have is gone as long as i remember “theyre just videos” which me motivated. i wont return til i get this finished, goodbye.

My Thoughts

Shock horror, someone on social media speculated about something offensive. I am sure that Martin Walls was not comfortable with his mortality being discussed so openly. I wouldn’t be happy, and when he is just trying to enjoy his life. I can see Martin leaving Twitter, sooner rather than later, and I don’t blame him. Social media has become more and more toxic, especially Twitter. Also, I think Martin has the YouTube community page, for communicating with the fanbase he has built.

So, I hope Martin has moved on from this incident, and this will be the only time I will discuss it.

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