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Ready, Set…

Shared by Martin Walls via a link on his YouTube community post, comes a short teaser, from an unexpected source. The voice actor of Boozoo, Kyle Denigris, released on his Twitter account, a short clip, from the upcoming Walten Files 4. The 26-second clip, shows a new area, of Bon’s Burgers that has not been seen before, with some of the typical music, to make your skin crawl. The only words spoken, “Ready, Set…” Presumably, the words from Boozoo, since the tweet is from his voice actor.

The clip ending, with a black screen, with a white ‘4’ in the middle of the screen. Similar to other teasers in Walten Files history. The tweet itself, just saying, ‘Patience’. I think every fan of the Walten Files has either learnt this virtue or struggled.

What stands out with this teaser, is the area we are shown. The round windows with a cloudy sky around them, showing theming to an area of the restaurant. Like you eating your burgers in an airship, travelling through the clouds. It is an interesting choice, but the theming of the mascots, shows this is still 1974, not a later restaurant, in the timeline.

To see the clip and tweet, click here.

Black and White

In other news, Martin Walls has displayed some of Rosemary’s art. Based on American Gothic, Rosemary apparently painted this picture of her and Jack, in 1974. I don’t think there is any lore in this picture, or it will be important, later on, 9watch me be wrong). I think this is just a cool image that Martin wanted to share.

Maybe an interesting detail is, that the picture is called black and white, but the flowers are red, the candle and its flame are in colour, as well as the purple flower on Jack’s chest. Why is Jack wearing a flower? It is an odd choice, a detail I don’t remember seeing before.

To see Black and White, click here.

More Walten Files updates will be coming soon…

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