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The Walten Files 4 – CyberFun Tech

Video Published on 9th February 2024

YouTube Video Description:

Tape 4: Here we are again, Mystery Solvers! COVID cooled down! and after 3 years, we finally got my aunt’s VCR to work. I have so much to say but I’m gonna start off with the technical stuff first:

Back when I found the BunnyFarm tapes I was met with a dead-end. Bunny Smiles Incorporated/Bon’s Burgers gave no more results, locals had no more info. I went back to Connecticut to live with my dad. That was until my friend David approached me with an amazing find. David decided to ask locals about the terms “Walten” instead. (Apparently that’s a name that pops up a lot in the tapes, haven’t watched the tapes myself LOL). We were directed to a vintage strip mall that had this one bowling alley “Starley’s”. Originally there was a workshop in that building instead and when they moved everything out and Starley’s bought the space, one locker remained, labeled “Walten”. Inside a box with a cheap safe, apparently the box has sat there for DECADES because they haven’t managed/bothered to open it. Me, Ron and David did some digging through the previous tapes and noticed a pattern, the code was “722”, curious.

INSIDE! there were a total of 23 TAPES, I moved back to Brighton, Michigan to help my friends fix, clean and compile these tapes into what we call THE CYBERFUN TECH COLLECTION! This is part 1 of 3!

CyberFun Tech is a company that funded and created most BSI projects, it’s unclear whether CT owned BSI or whether they were simply partner companies, but perhaps CT bought BSI at some point, either way, all the tapes were labeled “CyberFun Tech” and supposedly these were supposed to be handed over to technicians and artists. I should note, some bits of this compilation are weird, on some screens it would appear as minutes and minutes of empty static, and on other screens it would appear to be a white screen with faint voices heard on them.

As for me, I’m doing great! the past 3 years were filled with some of my happiest and saddest moments, but I’m still standing! I’m going out on vacations with my girlfriend for a few weeks, I’ll post parts 2 and 3 when I return at the end of the month! -Anthony

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