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Two New Posters Tease Walten Files 4 is 1 Week Away!

Martin via the YouTube community page, has teased the fanbase twice this week, only increasing the excitement for the fast approaching, Walten Files 4 – Cyberfun Tech

The first post was the following statement and image:

“I’ve decided to return to staying solely in this platform to update about the series. There’s a lot of stuff coming your way! just wanted to say thanks for the patience, can’t believe we are so close!

Walten Files returns with its fourth entry “CyberFun Tech” February 9th at 9 PM EST, see you there!”

Just a day later, Martin would post a second poster, this time focusing on Felix Kranken. Both images are great, and it is great to feel like Martin is enjoying himself with this franchise once again. And we are just a week away, from everything changing once again.

To read the original statement on the YouTube community page, click here.

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