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All the additions below, have just been added to the main Walten Files timeline, found on this website, available by clicking here.

But if you just want the new information, from without the rest of the timeline, the dates and events are below:

1889 – The year of birth, of the founder of Cyberfun Tech, Jason Pooltrick.

20th April 1932 – The birth date of Rosemary Walten.

23rd September 1932 – The birth date of Jack Walten.

1943 – On “Since 1943, CyberFun Tech has been a company dedicated to explore and push the limits of the modern world’s technology, and what better way to do so than entertaintment.”

March 19th 1952 – The day the founder of Cyberfun Tech, Jason Pooltrick, died from Heart failure. His son eventually took over the Company.

1960s – If you or any friend of yours would like to work with us, feel free to apply to our “Technology of the Future” fair with a full prototype of your idea. One of our assistants will reach out to you a few days after your application in case you’re elected to participate on the fair, we’ve met a lot of bright minds accross the years using this method since the 1960s. A quote from Cyberfun Tech.

20th June 1974 – “A game breaker, is what it is. We’re taking a new step in technology and entertaintment. Machines able to resemble the actions of a real life performer, and I’m not talking about singing or dancing, but rather interacting with it’s audience and surroundings like a real person would. We may even be able to have our machines directly adress our clients by name via a recognition system we’ve been developing over the years.” -N.P.  Local 57, June 20th, 1974.

April 5th 1977 – Log #785, by detective Derek Collins, created in 1977 with his partner Rodgers. The full transcript of their conversation, is available by clicking here.

1982 – A quote from Cyberfun Tech: “The 1982 Technology of the Future fair has been cancelled due to C.T. schedules and focus on greater projects. If you’d like to apply for the 1983 fair, feel free to give us a call.”

1st January 1982 – There is a poster of Bon and Sha, celebrating the New Year of 1982, on behalf of Cyberfun Tech. Included in this message, is a note, signed from, F.K., N.P., C.E. announcing all Cyberfun Tech services and workshops are to close, so the company can focus on a new project. The note is titled, Under Construction.

2007 – There is a picture of Anthony Miller, dressed as a ghost, for Halloween 2007.

2011 – Anthony Miller moves to Michigan with his mom, from Arizona.

2010s – On there are two newspaper articles, speaking about Anthony Miller and his ghost hunting, causing trouble and chaos for the local residents of Brighton. The first is dated June 20th, and the second is August 9th 2018 (the final number is not fully readable, but it appears to be an 8.)

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