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Walten Files 4 – 2 Hours Long?!

A comment on today’s teaser from Martin Walls, has got, The Walten Files, fanbase buzzing.

chieff commenting, “this better be like 2 hours long.”

The reply by Martin Walls, “believe me by the looks of it all signs point to that haha.”

And you thought Walten Files 3 was long. Walten Files 4 could be longer than the majority of movies! Is Martin just joking? I don’t know, but I think it is much more likely now, that Walten Files 4, will be the longest part of the Walten Files thus far.

To put this into context, the first 3 parts of the Walten Files, and the secret videos of ‘Lucky You’ & ‘Guilty’, have a combined time of 108 minutes and 20 seconds. Walten Files 4 could be longer than the existing canon of the Walten Files!

I think the excitement for Walten Files 4, just went up a notch!

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