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Martin Walls ends his Patreon Account

The following statement was made by Martin Walls, on his YouTube account, via the Community Tab.


Hey, just passing to say one little message. The Patreon page for TWF will be closed and deleted in April due to both the inactivity of the page and also because there’s not really much reasons for the page to be up anymore anyways.

The patreon page was created almost a year ago to raise money for numerous reasons (one of them was also raising a budget for the series, that being more professional programs, equipment, and overall a better quality on the series as a whole) the goal I envisioned was reached.

And now? there’s no point in keeping the page up, I don’t like hiding behind the scenes stuff behind a paywall considering how much some people can be interested in the making of it, this page was an exception for the time given.

You can always cancel your subscription to the page now or stick around to support the series up until that very date, either way the support the page got was astonishing and it was fun to share fun little teasers and videos, even if I was a little inactive on it (to which ive heard people call the inactivity a “money scam”, which isn’t really the case, the patreon page was made for people who wanted to help me and the series out and so we could also raise a bigger budget for this project, the extra content and stuff i shared there i consider just a cherry on top, if you subscribed solely to get exclusive stuff then sure you may have expected some more things coming.)

thank you for sticking around and supporting my videos, its been some hella busy weeks in my life but ive been getting there, hope all of you are doing great too.



Currently, my intention is to save the Patreon content, and then upload it to the public in 2023. Therefore, if Martin Walls changes his mind, he can but, it also gives better value for money, to Martin Wall’s patrons. It is good to read about Martin being in a better place financially, and it was clear to see, that he did not like putting content behind a paywall.

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