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Log #785 – 5th April 1977

The house has remained abandoned for over 3 years now

Me and the team payed another visit to check if there was anything we could’ve possibly missed about this whole case

The girl doesn’t wanna talk about the situation, I don’t think she even remembers most of it.

As to Mr. Kranken, we caught him driving intoxicated once again, we revoked his driving license and he stayed in the station for 3 days, however he didn’t say a single thing about the case, the man’s a mess and his addiction seems to get worse and worse.

I’m led to believe there’s something missing here. There HAS to be something that flew over our heads.

Me and rogers have been checking the BSI documents for weeks now, no luck.

Back to the house, we weren’t able to take any photos. It was a quick visit.

The place stinks, the walls are all rusty and that warm flower wallpaper covering them is now all torn apart. Something that caught our attention was a cute painting on the wall inside what appeared to be the girl’s bedroom.

We checked the other rooms, nothing.

We found Jack Walten’s office, but all there was in the room was a pack of cigarettes.

This investigation has gone to shit, I hear all sorts of crazy rumours around town about what happened to the Walten family, I hate it.

-Detective Derek Collins, log April 5th, 1977

Webpage Changed

This transcript was availble in November 2021, from:

The webpage has since changed, with the only text available saying, “But now God knows anything goes”. Likely a reference to the song, “Anything Goes”. But there is also a picture of a distorted face. Clicking it’s left eye, begins a whistling, to the tune of, “Anything Goes”

However, the tab title, is still – Log #785.

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