The Felix Kranken Timeline so far…

This is the timeline of Felix, after The Walten Files 4 Cyberfun Tech was released. For the full timeline so far, click here. Only dates that are confirmed to be canon, are included in this Timeline.

NOTE: The initials F.K. refer to Felix Kranken.

Before 1974

1958 – The story of Bon’s Burgers goes back to 1958, where 2 college students Had the same idea of Animated performers, The names were Jack Walten and Felix Kranken. it took them 16 Years to actually execute this concept, By that time Kranken and Walten had built their own Families, Felix Married a beautiful lady and Walten was not only a great Husband but also the Happy father of 3 beautiful children.

1962 – (TWF4 – 01:50) There is a black and white poster on screen that states, “Thank you for being a part of the Bunny Smiles Company 1962.”

30th October 1964 – Note was written by Linda Kranken/Thompson, “Felix has been acting weird lately. He’s been drinking more than usual. I am worried about him. I don’t know what to do. He came home at 4 AM, he was crying, he seemed very unstable and stressed. I don’t know what to do.

23rd August 1965 – Note was written by Linda Kranken/Thompson, “I know I haven’t talked here as much as I used to. This month has been so so so so crazy. I moved in with Felix last week, he was very happy about it. Yesterday, Jack and Rose had their third child. A little girl! Her name is Molly, Molly Walten. Jack and Felix have been pitching up the ‘restaurant idea’ with a company that’s interested in the project. The name’s Cyberfun Tech.

10th October 1970 – (TWF4 – 02:55) A note from Charles Brook, “Hi! Just got hired officially as the computer supervisor for ‘unnamed Bunny Smiles Restaurant’ (though I’ve been coming up with a few names myself). I’ve known these guys for a while, their family! I’ve done some work for them along with Susan for years now, even before Cyberfun Tech! Getting to meet the Waltens and the Krankens has been Super Fun! So Excited to get to work! The Future is bright. C.B. [P. 27:12]”

26th December 1970 – Note was written by Linda Kranken/Thompson, “Christmas was nice, they built a gray rabbit, for Edd and Molly, Molly named it Rocket. Felix drank a lot yesterday. This has been a problem for a while. He is a good person but he doesn’t wanna address this. It’s getting worse and worse but he doesn’t notice, he feels bad about it, but doesn’t try to change.

10th December 1972 – Felix Kranken records a recorded message called, ‘December Greeting’ referencing the Cyberfun Tech Deal, and the Bon’s Burger Project. Part of the secret video, Guilty.

3rd January 1973 – Note was written by Linda Kranken/Thompson, “It’s getting worse, he is so submerged with their project that he doesn’t realize how much damage he is doing to himself, how much damage he’s doing to me. He keeps going places only to drink, sometimes he even stays at the warehouse for the sole purpose of drinking, he doesn’t listen, he never listens, I don’t know what to do.

1974 – That Beautiful Year

7th March 1974 – (TWF4 – 11:40) “Facial Tracking” with Sha, observed by Susan and Charles. They also discuss the issues of Felix;’s addiction that even Chris knows about it.

2nd May 1974 – Note was written by Linda Kranken/Thompson, “Dear Felix: By the time you’re reading this, I shouldn’t be home. I know you’re confused, I’m confused too. What you said to me last week hurt me a lot, but it opened my eyes, hopefully this opens your eyes too. Our relationship isn’t healthy, I don’t think it ever was. I’m leaving Brighton this morning. You’re at the warehouse, with Jack and the others as I’m writing this. By the time you’re reading this, I’ll already be in Hurricane.

2nd May 1974 – Note was written by Linda Kranken/Thompson, “I know you are busy doing Jack a favor, (something related to a school party, I can’t remember) but please go there when you have the time. As to me, I’ll try to build my own life, while I still can, you should do that too. I love you, Goodbye – Linda.” Additional text wrote in red ink, “I am sorry Linda, I am so sorry. I am sorry.”

2nd May 1974 + 15:23 – Jack Walten rings Felix Kranken, asking for a favour, to take Edd and Molly to a school party, that very evening, before bringing them home, for 9 o’clock.

2nd May 1974 + 17:20 – Edd and Molly look for Rocket, before ‘Uncle Felix’ arrives to take Edd, Molly and Rocket, to the school party.

2nd May 1974 + 17:56 – Felix appears to be driving Edd and Molly to the school party.

2nd May 1974 + 21:37 – Edd and Molly are still at the school, before finding Felix, in the Drinking Zone.

2nd May 1974 + 21:56 – Felix appears to be driving Edd and Molly home after the school party, but he is intoxicated. Moments later, the car crashes into Saint Juana’s forest. Edd and Molly are killed in the crash. Felix buries their bodies in the forest. They did not go home that night. But they found a way out eventually.

2nd May 1974 + After 22:30 – Felix Kranken records a recorded message, but the name is censored. It may be ‘Guilty’ referencing the car accident from earlier in the night, and the death of Edd and Molly. Part of the secret video, Guilty.

3rd May 1974 12:23 am – (TWF4 – 20:28) Jack Walten drives to Felix’s house, looking for him, and his children Edd and Molly. He is distressed, but Felix is not home.

3rd May 1974 – Jack Walten continues to ring Felix, into the early hours of the morning, wondering what happened to his children.

3rd May 1974 8:56 am – (TWF4 – 22:36) Felix has dug three graves, but decides to leave the third empty. He throws items of Edd and Molly into the river, but fails to throw himself, or Rocket into the Clearhill river.

4th May 1974 02:33 am – (Lac – 00:20) Police are seen at Clearhill river, investigating the disappearance of the Walten children.

5th May 1974 – (TWF4 – 25:15) Felix records a message to himself, talking about telling Jack and Rosemary Walten about the car crash, but not all the details of what happened. He also talks about Rocket, before being scared by the voices of Edd & Molly, seeming to possess Rocket.

28th June 1974 – Bon’s Burgers restaurant officially opens for Business.

30th June 1974 – Rosemary visited Bon’s Burgers on this day, as she did on many other days, looking for her husband, Jack Walten. Felix seems very concerned and worried too.

7th or 8th July 1974 – (TWF4 – 08:33) A letter from Norman to Felix, about Susan Woodings going missing. To read the full letter, click here.

After 1974

1975 – In the 2nd Walten Files video, Relocate project, 00:53 into the YouTube video, both the files of, Relocate, and, Storage K9, is dated to 1975, and both are credited to Felix Kranken.

April 5th 1977 – Log #785, by detective Derek Collins, created in 1977 with his partner Rodgers. The full transcript of their conversation, is available by clicking here.

March 29th 1979 – Felix does an interview for a radio show, on MLBQ radio station, about the disappearance of Jack Walten. “I still wonder about what happened to my best friend, to this day I get people asking how I’ve handled the situation, how I’ve managed to keep on with this company knowing that he’s been gone for years. It’s hard to look back at Jack, because… I know that those happy memories and experiences I had with Walten and his Family will never happen again. And he’ll never get to see what our dream company turned out to be. But there’s still hope, I guess”

1st January 1982 – There is a poster of Bon and Sha, celebrating the New Year of 1982, on behalf of Cyberfun Tech. Included in this message, is a note, signed from, F.K., N.P., C.E. announcing all Cyberfun Tech services and workshops are to close, so the company can focus on a new project. The note is titled, Under Construction.

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