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Is the Walten Files a Giant Scam!

This is not a clickbait title. There is a potential explanation to the Walten Files mystery that nobody has thought about. That the Walten Files is just a scam. Anthony Miller’s scam! That’s right, the fictional character, releasing the Walten Files, for the world to see. But after some recent discoveries, my question is, why is he releasing the Walten Files evidence?

During the exploration of, and its secrets for the overall timeline (click here to see them) there was an unexpected page, called Brighton Ghosts. However, this is a webpage written by Anthony Miller, explaining more of his story. Included in his story are two newspaper clippings, seen on the right and below this paragraph. To see Anthony Miller’s Brighton Ghosts page, click here.

These newspaper clippings gave me thought immediately, and that is, Anthony Miller is not to be trusted. These newspaper stories show a young man, causing trouble, in the name of his cause. He wants to prove that ghosts are real. That the supernatural is real. How far would he go to prove that they are real? He is willing to try and dig up graves, and cause arson, in the name of hunting and busting some ghosts. Is he willing to fake ghosts? Is he willing to fake, the Walten Files?

Dream Theory Equivilant

The idea of the Walten Files being faked, by some troublemaker, is like, the whole of FNAF being a child’s dream. Oh wait, MatPat did theorize that once, and it sadly made a lot of sense. I don’t know if Martin Walls, would go in this direction, in order to spin-off the Walten Files into a new series. Potentially a series listed at the bottom of the Brighton Ghosts webpage. Maybe Circus Larry, or The Lucky Man?

But as I thought more about Anthony Miller, I realised a few other coincidences with a certain Mr Miller. In all of his descriptions, of the Walten Files videos, he seems to be taking the mystery seriously, but almost like he is a tv presenter of a paranormal investigation show. Over the top and a bit cheesy. Maybe I have watched too much Scooby Doo, but how many times was the bad guy in the suit, doing it to bring tourists, or visitors to view their work. This weirdly feels similar to me.

However, he could just be an idiot, who doesn’t realise just how dark and ‘real’ the Walten Files videos are, in his universe. I hope it is the latter turns out to be true. I would never tell a storyteller, how to write their story, and what is best. However, I can not deny, the idea of Anthony Miller being revealed as this puppet master who fooled his audience, being the conclusion of this series, may be the worst ending I could have thought of, in my opinion.

I guess my mind is eased, by the scary images across the other pages, as a part of ARG. Showing that Anthony Mller may not be the true puppet master of the Walten Files, hopefully. To see these pages, as well as the way they previously looked, I suggest watching this video, by clicking here.

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  1. I mean, Martin has said before that after ending TWF he would like to do some comedy stuff, and well, a series about a guy “uncovering” secrets in his hometown while bothering people sounds like a good mix between horror and comedy

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