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Walten Files 4: Bon is Smiling!

On the 3rd of February 2022, Martin Walls released a new 29-second teaser for the Walten Files. This included some new footage, and images from earlier in the series, and previous teasers. But clearly, the star of the show, was the blue rabbit himself. To see the actual teaser, click here.

In great condition, looking practically new, Bon is smiling at us. Now, who are us, we don’t know, but Bon definitely wants the attention. But, it already looks like something has happened, with the red liquid, presumably blood, already staining his face, just above his mouth, and on one of his teeth. But his right hand appears to be clean.

With Bon being in such great condition, surely this means, this moment is taking place in 1974. Another indication of this is, the artwork in the background, appearing to be the same as the Bon’s Burgers, we saw in Walten Files 3 when Rosemary was attacked.

The teaser also has a few other images, including the animatronic heads, sitting on tables, potentially showing them, before the construction of the animatronics were complete. It may signal, that part of Walten Files 4, will go further back into the timeline, before May 2nd 1974. The animatronic skull dated with the year, 72, may show this to be the case too. As well as Rocket, not being as badly damaged, as he was at the end of Walten Files 3.

Another detail that I think is interesting, is the absence of Billy the Clown. I have not seen a teaser for Walten Files 4, with Billy yet. In fact, we have seen no new images about Billy, in quite a while. So far, the only teaser about Billy, is the image used for the teaser video on YouTube, Keep an Eye. But that is it, so far for Billy, who appears nowhere in this new teaser. This is leading me, to believe that the theory I had about Billy, months ago, is true. To check out that theory, click here.

According to Martin Walls, this is the last teaser on Twitter, until Walten Files 4 is ready. But this is not stopping him from posting on the YouTube community tab. To see the most recent updates there, click here.

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