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A Valentine’s Day Release for Walten Files 4

Now, I have once, tried to predict the date of Walten Files 4. That was Halloween, and now it is January. You could say, I was a bit out! But now I have a new prediction, that is probably wrong, but this prediction has science behind it.

The Reveal via GIF

Firstly, Martin Walls sent out this Tweet, on January 17th 2022: “okay i finally figured it out, in the future, when TWF 4 is fully finished and complete i shall tweet this gif with no caption or context whatsoever, that way people will freak out over a dog tickle gif, I love chaos.”

He then followed that Tweet, with this tweet: and to make it even spicier i vow not to tweet anything until said day comes no matter how long it is from now (which is also a great excuse to not use twitter on a while)”

These tweets were sent, exactly 4 weeks before Valentine’s Day. Maybe this is Martin trying to give himself a deadline, to finally finish his latest project. But the fact he already has a plan around releasing Walten Files 4, means that the finish line might actually be in sight (at least in his mind).

The Teaser

The only other indication is the teaser Martin released on Twitter. To know more about the teaser click here. But dancing, behind some flowers, some of which might be red roses. This might be a coincidental clue, but it is still a clue. Well, I might be stretching, but it just feels like something that everyone in hindsight goes, ‘oh that is why he released that teaser, it was a clue all along.’ I am trying to predict Martin Walls next move. But he is just too hard to predict.

But Valentines Day does feel like it could weirdly work for the Walten Files. The love story that the community loves of Jack and Rosemary. As well as Martin Walls being one of the few to produce something horrifying for Valentine’s Day. Like all those who did projects around Krampus, last Christmas.

Again, I’m stretching. I don’t know when Walten Files 4 is releasing. But this is my guess for today. It has been over 300 days since Walten Files 3 was released. But at least we all know, that we are closer to Walten Files 4 today than we were yesterday.

He is just going to release it on a random day and prove me wrong. Damn you, Martin Walls!!!

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