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The Walten Files 1 Deleted by YouTube

Statement from the YouTube channel:

‘T.w.f. 1 has been deleted by youtube due to a copyright strike regarding footage from the episode. Martin is on vacations but it will be reuploaded this month with different footage. do not reupload the videos.’

It is a shame that the copyright was invoked, when it is not clear and obvious, which element of the original Walten Files video, had used somebody else’s content. I presume it was the onboard car footage, showing Brian Stells going through the woodlands, as all other content is credited as public use in the credits.

The Walten Files 1 – Company Introductory Tape, will be edited and reuploaded soon, and it will be interesting to see the edits made by Martin, to see what actually breached the copyright. Plus any new secrets, Martin could decide to hide within it.

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