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Last Bits of Voice Acting

Announced by Kyle DeNigris, voice actor of Boozoo, on Twitter yesterday, “I’m gonna record the last bits of TWF4 in a recording studio! Join me before that!” To see this tweet, click here.

Presumably, the recording was yesterday, signalling the end of production for the 4th part of the Walten Files. It is likely other members of the cast need to do a their last bits too. However, with audio recordings wrapping up, it means that each scene of the Walten Files 4, has been decided, written and for the majority of scenes, visually created and edited.

The long road to the Walten Files 4, is almost at an end. As long as Martin doesn’t want to add more to the Walten Files 4, which may be 2 Hours long?! To know more about that, click here.

With a production like the Walten Files, audio recording is normally one of the last aspects of production. Simply because the audio is not being accurately synced to the animation, unlike a Pixar movie. For any part of Walten Files 4 that does need lip syncing, I imagine that voice acting was recorded, before this final round.

So with Walten Files 4, potentially in its last few weeks of production, the question is asked, what about a release date? It depends on how busy Martin is outside of the Walten Files. As well as, any redo of recordings, they request from the cast. Every prediction of a release date I do is wrong. This time, I am just going to be patient and wait for the announcement from Martin Walls. But I wouldn’t expect it to be after September, unless he waits for Halloween.

We are closer to Walten Files 4, than we were yesterday.

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