Walten Files #4

Welcome Home

In the latest teaser, from Martin Walls on the Community Tab of his YouTube channel, is a picture of a 70s household. It appears to be the Walten household, further suggested by the words of Martin Walls. “Now it’s all darkness.”

Analysing the image, I’m scared, something is sitting in the chair, waiting to jump out. The pictures on the walls, seem to be distorted, with the faces of the animatronic possessing souls (they all might be Jack Walten.) The time on the clock is either 1:50, or 10:11. Either way, it is dark outside, hence why the lights need to be on.

But if this house is abandoned, it loos in remarkable condition. Especially the red roses, seemingly a gift for Jack’s Rose. So this part of Walten Files 4, could be part of a hallucination or is somebody back at home. Every bone in my body tells me something is hiding in one of those seats. Or is the jumpscare going to come from the TV instead? Only time will tell.

To see the original YouTube post, click here. The image otherwise, is at the bottom of this page, see below:

Poor Sophie.

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