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The Walten Files Official Soundtrack

Have you ever wanted to hear more from the Walten Files? Have you ever wished, to hear the proper version, of Billy’s Happy Birthday song? Well, then you need to listen to the Official Soundtrack, of the Walten Files. Please know, these are not the Showstopper Albums, but music that is used in the actual, Walten Files episodes.

The soundtrack and all of the music used in the Walten Files, is available on a seperate YouTube channel, simply titled, The Walten Files – Official Soundtrack. Some of these songs, will be very recognisable, but some may have a few lore clues for future episodes of the Walten Files. And some were used for non-canon productions, such as Boozoo’s Ghosts and The Mysterious House. Maybe new songs to add to your creepy music playlist. That’s a normal thing, right?

Check out this extra Walten Files YouTube channel, exclusively for the Walten Files soundtrack, by clicking here.

But here are five must-listen songs below, from the current Soundtrack list:

Billy’s Happy Birthday Song

Upload Date: 28 Jul 2020

Poor Ashley, but at least you get to hear the full version of this song now.

Everything is Through, Dear

Upload Date: 20 Mar 2021

Don’t Drink and Drive!

A Happy Place

Upload Date: 21 Aug 2021

Surely a song, for the future!

Jack’s Waltz

Upload Date: 19 Apr 2021

More dancing in the Walten Files, maybe?

Golden Mirror

Upload Date: 21 Apr 2021

Safety in Pills, Sophie!

There is much more to the Walten Files soundtrack, then just these five songs, so check out the Youtube channel exclusively for the Walten Files soundtrack, by clicking here.


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