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Animals and the Circus

Martin Walls obviously came into the Walten Files, with a planned out story. So in this plan of his, why are three animatronics related to animals, potentially in the countryside, whilst two are firmly based on a circus theme. The clash of theming in the animatronics is odd. Just to show how odd this might be, here are some examples of theming in other franchises:

All of the animatronics in the original Five Nights at Freddy’s game are themed on animals.

In the original Sonic the Hedgehog games, the good guys were the animals, the bad guys were the machines and the only humanoid, Eggman/Dr Robotnik.

Siblings from the same parents, usually all share the same hair colour, even if one of the parents, have a different hair colour. Symbolising that the characters are linked.

Right now, we believe that this is not a construction or model issue, with the animatronics. In Walten Files 2, at 02:20, it mentions the results of testing the animatronics, should produce the same results in all models. This is leading many to believe, that all of the animatronic endoskeletons, are the same model, and construction. So if it is not a physical necessity, why is there two different themes for this Burger restaurant?

Two Minds Not Thinking Alike?

Could it be that, Felix Kranken and Jack Walten had the shared dream of opening up a restaurant with animatroics, but had different ideas on what theming the restaurant was going to be. If this was the case, it would appear, Jack Walten wanted the animal themed characters. Whilst Felix Kranken, wanted the more circus performer theming? If this was a passion project for them, then it would make sense, for them both to want their ideas, to come to live.

However, what about Cyberfun Tech? Could the new owners of Bunny Smiles Incorporated, have an opinion? Currently, I believe neither Jack or Felix owned or led Cyberfun Tech. So who did, and could their influence, have led to two different ideas. Rather than it being Felix and Jack, maybe it was BSI and Cyberfun Tech.

I believe the story of Billy the Clown, will likely shed a little more light on the creation of the animatronics. To read that article, click here.

Martin Walls from episode 1 of the Walten Files, created this division in character theming. Why he did this, we still don’t know, but it feels like the corporate hhistory of Cyberfun Tech and Bunny Smiles Incorporated, will likely show why this happened. The reason why this happened, may show, much bigger secrets. Yet the biggest clue to these secrets, are the character themes of the Bon’s Burger restaurant.

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