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The Real Location of Bon’s Burgers

When the photo of Bon’s Burgers was shown, in the first minute of the 1st Walten Files video, I think many thought it was a stock, or free use photograph. However, just like the location of Little Bon’s neighbourhood, this photo is of Brighton, Michigan. A real-life photo, of a store in Brighton Michigan, edited to have Bon’s Burgers above the door.

The proof that the two locations are the same, are probably the evergreen trees, standing behind the stores. The real-life store, Uber Drugs, was a popular store in Brighton Michigan. To know more about Uber Drugs, and its owner, then click here.

But of course, time has moved on, but the building is still there. It is just a shame that they cut the evergreen trees down because now there is a little less proof.

At the crossing of Main Street, with W Grand River Road, stands the buildings, that today represent, the location of the Bon’s Burgers restaurant. To see the location for yourself in Google Maps, click here.

The actual address given in the Walten Files, is 8260 Cross Street, but the architecture of that building, is completely wrong. However, this is likely Martin Walls, not wanting to link real-life businesses, to his fictional horror story. To see the real-life 8260 Cross Street, click here

This would suggest that Martin Walls is either a resident of Brighton Michigan, or he is very familiar with it. Or, he just did his research, but this is such a specific detail, I doubt he researched for old photos of stores in Brighton Michigan. Only the man himself knows the true answer.

But I thought this was a fun little detail, about the Walten Files, that I doubt many knew about.

Thanks to this reddit post of bunnybob34, for highlighting this fact to me, available by clicking here.

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