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The Difficulties of Covering Patreon Content

It will surprise nobody that, I am a Patron of Martin Walls. It will also surprise nobody, that this exclusive content has some incredible lore clues. But I am not going to give away for free, any of Martin Walls’ content. So I’m walking the tightrope of, not revealing exclusive Patreon content, or in any way, devaluing the Patreon of Martin Walls.

So I’m going to be writing articles, advertising the Patreon of Marin Walls, without revealing the exclusive content. These will be either small details or discussing an image, that will only be visible on the Patreon of Martin Walls. These will be known as Patreon Monday articles. Let’s get Martin Walls a few more Patreons.

Please support the creator of, The Walten Files, Martin Walls.

Please subscribe to Martin Walls on YouTube, at . He has nowhere near enough subscribers for the number of views his videos are getting, on his channel and on the reaction videos to the Walten Files.

Please Support Martin Walls and The Walten Files, on Patreon at I’m glad to see how much support he is already receiving, but there is a lot of juicy content on there, and if you want the information, directly from the creator, then please check out Martin’s Patreon.

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