The Walten Files 3 – BunnyFarm

Video Published on 20th March 2021

This is the Third Official episode of, The Walten Files.

YouTube Video Description:

(CONTENT WARNING: Disturbing imagery, Flashing lights, VERY loud noises and Heavy topics)

Tape 3:

“Hey! loooong time no see heh, the following footage is about a 1980s videogame created by the company, reason it took me so long to get this footage was because the game never really released to the public, and all footage available was from the Beta Version of the videogame. during october 1982 a few test bunnyfarm machines were distributed around Brighton, MI (the city where Bon’s opened in june 28th, 1974) this footage was from the arcade machine sent to Entfernt Hotel.

The two girls playing the game seem to have lived there. the particular thing about these machines was that all footage from the game was recorded and then revised by BSI technicians to see if the game was ready to be published, this was one of them and quite possibly the only footage remaining of this game. The footage itself was extremely corrupted however, and it took me weeks to be able to piece everything together with the help of a friend of mine, but I’m glad you’ve all been patient for this, seems to be a huge one anyways.

as of me, I’m going on spring break next weekend, I’m probably going to spend some time with my dad!”


(OH and one last thing! White Bear/Showbear character was created by ThunderingStatic! and the game soundtrack was done by… , massive props to them!)

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